Friday, September 11, 2009

Girly in Gray and Blue

Blue cardigan--Old Navy; Silver Camisole--New York & Co.; Jeans--Express; Gray Flats--Target;

Girly in jeans @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

Though I considered it, I decided not wear Tech stuff to work today. I will...and I'm even feeling a little left out since two of the ladies here at work are in football attire. I have a feeling my, Zouzalik...jersey will come onto a Friday blog post one day soon.
pretty cardigan @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog
Its really rainy here this week, so I wanted something comfortable. I considered pulling out my rain boots, but don't have the right attitude today to pull them off. I opted for boot cut jeans, another piece of silk against my skin by way of a camisole that I don't think I've worn in well over a year (its spaghetti strapped and requires a strapless bra [or none at all] and the occasions where I can wear it have decreased more and more the older I get) and then an old school cardigan that I've had since high school. I love the girly and conservative detailing on the cardigan, and I really like it paired with the camisole that I usually think of as a "going out" top. The cardigan is quite fitted and hits me above my waist line, and the camisole is flowy and billowy (and siiiilky!) and they offset each other well, I think.

My goal next Friday? Not to wear these gray flats again! I feel like I've worn them several Fridays now (though I looked back and have actually only worn them on a Friday on this day!) And you know what, that was nearly a month ago! Silly, silly girl. See how much this blog is paying off?? Isn't my headband perfect! :)
more gray flats @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blogcute gray headband @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

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