Thursday, August 13, 2009

Migraine Morning

Shirt: Agenda (Ross), Pants: Victoria's Secret, Belt: New York & Co., Shoes: No Boundaries (Wal-Mart)

What a yucky morning...or night, I should say. My husband is out of town, and I ended up with another migraine last night. Two weeks ago, I lost part of my vision and feeling in my hand, and babbled my speech a bit, and ended up in the hospital for two days for what they finally diagnosed as a complex/compound migraine. Since them, I'm plagued with mild migraine headaches, but nothing that a little Excedrin Migraine can't handle. Well, last night, my vision started to blur again and I turned quite pale and dizzy, so I had to break out the Real Stuff that they gave me in the hospital.

This morning, its pretty much gone except for a slight headache, so I'm back to Excedrin. The problem with it is the amount of caffeine that is in two of those suckers. I just took them about 20 minutes ago and I'm already shaking so badly that its hard to type. Nice when you work in an office.

I'm wearing a really comfortable outfit today which I didn't expect to turn out as well as it did, so I'm pleasantly surprised that it is pretty dressy. My office is the most casual law office I've ever worked in, so usually I'm overdressed compared to everyone else. I really try to live by the "when in doubt, dress up motto" though, so I like being extra dressy. This outfit fits in perfectly around here, however, and today I'm fine with that.

dressing with a migraine @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

I'm wearing my go-to black flats today, which I'm about to have to replace because the back of the left one is becoming worn. My feet are big and weird and it takes me forever to find good shoes to wear all the time. Also, I'm cheap, so that probably makes a difference, too. Payless only has so high of a quality :) These were my favorite forever and they're from Wal-Mart!!

loving Walmart shoes @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog
I realize that I should be wearing heels with these pants since they're extra long (still love that Victoria's Secret carries 36" inseam) and they're wide legged. To go with my fabulous morning, I had intended on wearing a pair of straight legged khakis this morning. I ironed them and everything, and as I got to the back of the last leg, there was some two-inch long mysterious oil streak of some kind on them. Where did I get an oil streak on the back of my pants from, I don't know... So, the back up plan was to grab another pair of khakis (the ones that looked the least wrinkled) and throw them on. I had my mind set on flats, though, so here you go.

bracelet in flowers @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

Accessories are easy today--my favorite black ring that my husband bartered for me in Mexico (missing half the "diamonds" now), earrings from my mom and dad, and a bracelet that was my great-grandmother's that was all tarnished and polished up nicely with a jewelry cloth. I displayed it beautifully on my flowers here at work for the picture. :)

Okay, now Blogger has made my headache worse. I'm obviously inept at putting up these pictures, because I don't think its user friendly at all. I should look up some tutorials online or brush up on some HTML. I think I'll start with the tutorials.

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