Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coco for Chanel (wannabe)!

Black tee--??(I've had it for years and years and long ago ripped the tag out); White lacey oxford--New York & Co; Khaki pants--Banana Republic; Pearl Necklace--Vintage (my great-grandmothers); Silver Necklace--Target; Pearl Earrings/Ring--Gift from T (James Avery); Loafers--Etienne Aigner

coco for chanel @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blogblack loafers @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

Do I ever think of cute outfits on my own? No, because left to my own creative wiles, I'm often standing in my closet, flipping through my skirts and pants, whining that I don't have anything to wear. I learned about a year ago that I could spend the same amount of time shuffling through magazines and other wardrobe blogs and get much more inspiration.

andy in the devil wears prada @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled BlogThis outfit is my version of Andy Sach's outfit in The Devil Wears Prada. In that case, she's wearing Chanel, and I'm breaking Coco's Rule by mixing another color into my black and white--even if it is khaki. As difficult as it was for me, however, I steered clear of any red accent pieces. You know I wanted to throw a red bow in my hair, or my red heels on.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Chanel necklace like Andy does in her outfit, but I made my best version of it by mixing two of my own together. Earrings and ring are silver and pearls. Really happy with the way this outfit turned out.

silver and pearl homemade necklace @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

And look how well my purse matches!!

snakeskin purse @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

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