Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love this zebra scarf!

Pants: Victoria's Secret, Pink top: Old Navy ($3 special), Jacket: Cato, Scarf: Express.
Express zebra scarf @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog
Black, white and pink are not my theme for the week, I promise, but my go-to color is always pink. I'm glad I'm in a semi-power suit this morning because I've been dealing with frantic phone calls all morning. Everyone else is stressed, but I'm trying to keep a cool head in light of the fact that I ended up in the hospital two weeks ago due to high stress. (Yep, apparently I'm one of those people now.)

I bought this scarf this weekend with Leila. Of course, every color under the sun was on sale for $5 except the zebra print one that I wanted, but it was okay because I needed another $10 to put my over the coupon hump. The coupon hump occurs when I have a coupon for a certain amount off when you spend a certain amount and I'm only a few dollars short of reaching the next upper amount. New York & Company is the worst (or best!) about that for me, but Express applies, too. In this case, I got $30 off of $75 or $15 off of $60, so either way I was spending $45 total. Might as well bump that purchase amount up and get more merchandise for the price. The trick to this is, of course, not going too far over and ending up spending more than the $45...which is exactly what the business is counting on you to do, thus the reason for the coupon. I, however, am a master of the coupon hump.

Express zebra scarf @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

My accessories are simple--diamond stud earrings and just some round-toe black heels, and a diamond ring on my hand that I'm not showing.

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