Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Day with the Outfit Inspiration Calendar!

red polo: Red Raider Outfitters, black vest: TJ Maxx, white cardigan: NY&Co., gray striped pants: NY&Co., black mary janes: Payless, silver chain necklace: Target

Today I said I was going to start Kimberly’s Outfit Inspiration calendar, and this is my version of “Vest and Cardi Combo with a Bright Colored Blouse.” I had such a good time trying to find something to fit this description and can tell you that I would never have paired these three tops together on my own.

This polo shirt is actually a Texas Tech shirt, and usually only gets a lot of use during football season (how sad is that), so it was fun to reincorporate it into my wardrobe in a different manner. I love this vest, but have never ever though to wear it under a cardigan. I think it looks polished and shows just the perfect amount of black. The black belt ties it all together, but I don’t necessarily think it looks flattering on me. It could be because I have three layers on underneath it (and the vest has a cinch in the back that is making it even thicker), so that although I really like the belt with the outfit, I wish I didn’t feel like it was making me look bigger rather than more pulled together and tighter (as I usually feel with these high-waisted belts. Then again, I have complained about belts and cardigans before. Does anyone else have a problem belting cardigans? It always looks so cute on everyone else in pictures!

Overall, though, I really like the results of this outfit, mostly because the calendar helped me pull different parts of my closet out and put them together in a new, unique, layered way. Thanks, Kimberly! :)


  1. Overall, this is a great look- but I can totally understand where you are coming from with regards to the belt over three layers thing.

    I usually don't have a problem with wearing belts above my waist- and I think it's because I'm really long waisted, so it helps to make my legs look longer instead of my waist!

  2. I'm actually amazed at how well you're pulling off multiple layers - I always feel so bulky when I wear more than two. I also like the way the necklace falls around the neckline of the black vest.


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