Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Girly with Pearls

purple argyle sweater: NY&Co., gray geometric oxford: NY&Co., denim trouser jeans: Express, black mary janes: Payless, new hair color: MINT

Today's Outfit Calendar inspiration called for Pearls...which I wear all the time.  My great-grandmother loved to give classic jewerly as a gift, and my sorority's "Jewel" in college was the pearl, so I'm outfitted quite nicely in that department.

Otherwise, it is cold and wet here, so I needed something comfortable.  Plus, I'm up and down on the floor filing again today.  This sweater is a little big by itself, but its PURRFECT for wearing over another shirt!  And you KNOW I was excited that this shirt has little geometric diamonds on it...which make me feel all fuzzy inside when paired with gray argyle!

Can you tell I got my hair done last night?  I hadn't had a cut since October!!  Sigh.


  1. Very feminine! Love your sweater. I got up this morning and couldn't remember what was on the calendar so I gave up. (I've printed it out now

  2. very very nice. Purple/Lavender is a good color for you... definitely!

    So now I'm curious what sorority you are a member of! My sorority's jewel is the ruby, with pearls as an accent, should we want it.

    You look really cute today!

  3. Nice colors and a lovely look. I like how the pattern of the socks quietly pokes out and echos the pattern of the sweather.


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