Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday's Post

denim trouser jeans: Express, pink printed tunic: Nine West (Ross), blazer: The Limited, black loafers: Etienner Aigner

I’m breaking the Outfit Calendar today. The misty, cold weather combined with the Monday after the Super Bowl convinced me that it was a jeans kinda day. So, I took Wednesday’s outfit (blazer + tunic) and moved it to today. I’ll save Monday’s outfit for another day. I bought this tunic at Ross for $9. At the time, I was hoping it would be long enough to pair with tights, but alas, it is not…I have been holding on to it for months now without wearing it, and was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to throw it in the thrift pile. I just thought it was a bit too billowy and made me look pregnant…but then I put it with this blazer and it took on a whole new shape! And I think it is the perfect mix of dressy casual when paired with jeans.

I had another great weekend with friends. Bob and Leila came down to Midland this weekend, and we went out with co-workers on Saturday to a country bar here in town (it’s Midland’s very own version of Lubbock’s Chances R). Honey Browne played (blah) and we shook our booties off. Any place that plays the Cupid Shuffle twice in a night is on my list of Potential Good Times. On Sunday, Leila and I convinced ourselves we weren’t even slightly hung over and make delectable goodies for our Super Bowl party.
I didn’t imbibe in anything heavier than Strawberry Lemonade yesterday, but I feel like crap today. Leila is messaging that Bob is hovering around the bathroom (which I’m sure he’ll thank me for reporting) and Tommy went home sick today. James called in sick this morning. I’m sticking by my opinion that it wasn’t mine and Leila’s food though…it must have been Rosa’s fajitas we got to supplement our snacks…or all the grease…or the smoke from Saturday night…anything but our food!

Pics from Saturday night…because my friends are silly!

P.S. If you thought The Hangover was good, go rent (or Netflick…whatever you cool kids do) I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. I watched it three times this weekend and nearly peed my pants every time!!!

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