Thursday, February 4, 2010

OIC: Go Highwaisted in a Skirt!

Black oxford (w/ rhinestone buttons): NY&Co., purple skirt: Express, embroidered tights: Express, black oxford heels: Payless

Even though it’s been rainy and cold the last two days, I’ve managed to dress as though Mother Nature has no effect on my fashion sense, thanks to the Outfit Inspiration Calendar.

This skirt is actually a deep purple, even though it comes across as royal blue in these photographs. I wanted to play it a little conservative today since I was wearing “crazy tights”. I tried a trick today that lots of the ladies I follow on their blogs do all the time…and that I thought I’d never be able to do myself…I layered my tights! (Typically, my tights are so stretched by the time I get them over my legs that I can’t imagine pulling on another pair, but I think I’ve been wearing a lot of them enough this season that they’re actually stretching out some!) In any event, after my husband telling me that the embroidered fishnet tights from Express didn’t really seem workplace appropriate (what does he know?) I decided that they’d probably look slightly more conservative for the office with something underneath them. Otherwise, they just show bare skin and they are a bit provocative, and they’re not very warm! So, I pulled out some thigh-high stockings to pair with them! I’m tugging them up a bit, but for the most part, it does look a lot better! So there, that’s my husband’s contribution to my outfit this week.

This is what he meant: (EEK!)

P.S. I’m glad I’m dressed “professionally” today, because I’m having one of THOSE days where I feel like I need at least something to be constant and stable. Grr.


  1. I love the layered tights. The two together make a huge difference in the look.

  2. this is a great look for you!

  3. I am loving this!! That skirt is PERFECTION!!

  4. The layered tights are wonderful - I like how they give you a long leg line but still with a lot of texture.

    I agree with Danielle - I'm crazy about your skirt! Is that one currently at Express? On second thought, I'd better not ask or else I'd have to snap it up.


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