Monday, February 1, 2010

Saturday Going Out and Monday Back at Work!

Two days of blog posts today:


Gray dress: Merona (Target), argyle tights: Walmart, cognac boots: Rack Room Shoes, black motorcycle jacket: New York & Co., photographer: Leila

Leila and I were having fun taking pictures on Saturday. This is me posing on her bedroom dresser Saturday. That evening, we went out and stayed up way too late, which tends to happen when we go visit them! I bought this amazing motorcycle jacket from NY&Co…I wanted to buy one from Express when I went two weeks ago, but it didn’t fit as well as this jacket does. Love it!

Aren’t we cute?

Look at our “goth” fingernail polish! We had so much fun!


Red Chinese style shirt: NY&Co., dark denim jeans: Express, black t-shirt: Old Navy, black flats: Walmart

I decided today was a jeans-day Monday. I don’t have a lot of eye makeup on today, and I think it’s making me look even more tired than I feel. I think I’m going to try Kimberly’s Outfit Inspiration calendar (from Kimberly's Fab Finds Under $50) starting tomorrow. I forgot that today was the 1st, but today’s outfit called for leopard, and since I just wore that on Thursday, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I doubt I’ll follow it everyday, but it might be fun to challenge myself to find new ways to wear my clothes.

My current lust:


  1. I love how you paired the tan boots with the gray and black!!!! :)

  2. the tan/grey/black combo is great! Looks really cute on you, too!

    and dark polish isn't goth! ;) I wear it all the time. My favorite color is lincoln park after dark! :) The dark colors are actually a great neutral! :)

  3. Brittany, I am crazy over your Saturday outfit - I love the elegance of that gray dress with the fun patterned hose, and those boots are a luscious color. You look awesome in dresses!

    (P.S. Thanks for your nice comment! The photos were only taken during times when I didn't feel so rotten and could actually breathe - the rest of the weekend I was a red-nosed mess!)

  4. Found you via Kimberly's site. Love the red top you're wearing.

  5. Yay! we are tight buddies.... have those same wonderful tights.. love them !


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