Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Electric in Pink Tights

black wrap dress: George (Walmart), gray ruffled shirt: Cato, pink tights: Walmart, gray booties: Cato

Frustration: Knowing your battery on your camera is going to die ANY SECOND, scrambling to take pictures of your outfit, plugging in the USB cord to your computer, opening Picasa to transfer the pictures to your computer…and having Picasa freeze up on you bad enough to have to restart your computer and kill the precious five minutes you had available on your camera battery. So, we’re back to the Iphone picture today!

I took a chance with these 80s pink tights, and I’m undecided about them. I wore them with an intentionally neutral outfit (I even took off the turquoise turtleneck that I was wearing underneath this wrap dress because I thought it was too bright with the already glowing tights).

My office is casual, but still—what do you think? Do the tights work or are they too Madonna, circa 1986 (which has never been my best look!)?


  1. I love those shoes. I think the tights add some pop to your outfit. Very nice!

  2. Very pretty dress, I like how you layered it with grey underneath... in regards to the tights! Go for it! dont be intimidated like I was last week by my husband who laughed at my tights....

  3. Colored tights brighten up outfits in a delightful way; plus, they're very hip at the moment. As Lorena says, don't be timid!

  4. Great dress and even better that you found it at walmart!!!!

  5. I had come over and check out your pink tights! They look great! I like them with neutral outfit.


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