Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Favorites

Black and red striped silk oxford: Ann Taylor, black corset pencil skirt: Express, black mary janes: Payless

I've felt a little sloppy the last few days, so I thought I'd dress it up a little today.  Also, I noticed I hadn't worn this shirt in almost a year.  The problem with it is that I absolutely ADORE it: I paid a pretty penny for it (by my standards) and I love that it's Texas Tech red and black, and its so soft and pretty feeling...and so I find myself "saving" it and thus never wearing it!  Enough! 

I also adore this skirt.  Often times at Express and New York & Co., I refuse to pay full price for anything.  I know that within two to three weeks it will be on sale, so why buy it straight off the rack.  I did, however, pay the full $70 for this skirt the second I saw it at the Las Vegas Express last year.  (The fact that I was up $100 in black jack may have played into that decision.)  I'm disappointed in Express now though, because over the last year they've produced a cheaper looking skirt that is the same concept--a corset tie up in the back, but its in bright bold colors like red...and it just looks tacky to me compared to my beloved skirt.  So here's a "butt shot" so you can see how cute it is! (The skirt, not the butt. wink)

Crazy hair today!


  1. very very cute. Doesn't that just irk you when you know something is going to go on sale or when you find a cheaper exact version of something you spent a chunk of $$ on. But your comment is true - sometimes the cheaper version looks like it!

    Very cute look today! :)

  2. Wow! What a super shirt! The colors and design are eye-catching.

    And the skirt's a perfect complement. Smart buy, at any price.


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