Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Red for Women!

Brown t-shirt: Cato, red knotted shirt: Express, denim skinny jeans: Express, brown boots: Old Navy

Today’s outfit asked for us to Go Red For Women in Skinnies and a Vest. Well, I only have one vest, and I wore it on Tuesday. I just never jumped on the cotton vest bandwagon—I never really thought they looked flattering on me, unless I was going for the grandpa vibe, which I only go for about once a month anyway 

So, I wore my skinny jeans, and I wore a red undershirt, and I figured that layering a shirt over my red one still stayed in the spirit of the vest game.

And look, the old ribbon as a headband trick:

It’s Friday!! We are having some people over for the Super Bowl, and Leila is coming too…I’m going to force her to help me cook, of course!!


  1. yay! someone else in red! I'm working on my post right now! :)

  2. Love the knotted blouse/top. I only have one fitted vest, too. I always feel like I have enough bulk without adding extra

    Great outfit.

  3. Brown and red look great, I am wondering why I don't combine them often....

  4. Very cute. I like the layered look and the tie. You look so pretty today.


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