Friday, February 12, 2010

Soft Hues and Sweater!

Purple sweater: Gap, pink polo: Nike Golf (from Carmel Valley Resort), high-waisted denim jeans: NY&Co., gray booties: Cato, necklace: Memaw, green jacket: Mom & Dad

I had my friend and co-worker, Mandi, take pictures of me today. I wanted to be *slightly* more creative than just stand and smile.

This necklace is from my great-grandmother, MeMaw. The baubles are so delicate that the center piece broke off once when I set it down. I wear it anyway. The purple button earrings are from my grandmother, Ginny. I really never have to buy my own jewelry!

I don’t know why I forgot about these high-waisted jeans. I was digging through my shelf of jeans last night and happened upon them, and realized I hadn’t worn them in forever! I usually like to tuck something into them, but why sacrifice the beautiful deep denim just because I’m wearing a sweater?

Loooooong way down!

P.S. I’m trying to follow today’s Outfit Calendar—soft hues a la J. Crew. Honestly, J. Crew’s style has always been a bit elusive to me. I see pieces from there and I absolutely FALL IN LOVE with them, but when I search their sight or store myself, I just feel…mhew…about the experience. So I just wore some soft colors via fluffy sweater.


  1. Great outfit. These colors look good on you and I like your boots. Isn't jewelry with memories the best?

  2. lavender is a really nice color on you. I can't say that enough.

    and I have the same sentiment about jcrew. I find most of the clothes there feel cheaply made for the price they charge!

  3. This color looks super on you !
    How great is it that you can sport a Grandma necklace... those are my most cherished items... anything from grams...

  4. Classic looking outfit. I like the look of collared shirts with sweaters over them!



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