Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black and Brown, the forbidden pairing

Oh, how I've missed you, Blog!  I had a little mini-vacation in my hometown for a long weekend, and even though I took my camera and carried it in my purse the whole time, I didn't take one picture while I was there!

This is particularly concerning since I distinctly remember taking pictures this weekend.  Is it better to have had so much wine that I couldn't properly operate the camera...or just to have made up the experience all together?

Nevermind all that though.  I'm back today with a neutral vengeance, and breaking a rule while I'm at it.  Who says you can't wear black and brown?  Well, probably every preppy handbook in this great country, but why should we start listening to the north now?  Next you'll be telling me its okay to wear whales on my pants...I'll just stick with the owl as my fashion icon, thank you.

P.S.  Dear Vineyard Vines, I'm just kidding.  I think you're totally awesome.

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  1. Love. Absolutely love. I may copy it. :)


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