Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who's Dope?

Hiked up my big girl skirt today and worked hard and late.  I've said it before: the best defense for a stressful day of work is my work armor, which always involves a pencil skirt.

My coworker and I photographed in an abandoned parking garage.  I know it's abandoned for three reasons: there were no cars around, there were no buildings around that were necessary to park at, and the graffiti on the wall.

LL asked if I cared that it proclaimed "Dope!" proudly on the wall.  It took me a few seconds before I realized they meant drugs, and not the slang word for "cool."  I'm pretty sure I dated myself with that comment.

I'm also pretty sure there's a new slang word for "cool."  Yea, I'm getting old.


  1. I thought dope=cool instead of drugs too. I think in addition to dating ourselves we might be revealing we're kind of squares. Haha! Only no one says "squares" anymore either. Dangnabbit it's like a rabbit hole!


  2. I love this whole outfit! You look beautiful!!

    Monique xx



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