Wednesday, April 6, 2011

His Advice

his advice

his advice labeled
I was trying on outfits last night while The Husband was getting ready to go to the gym.

I had these white pants on, and was tugging tops on and off, flipping through accessories and trying on shoes.  I had a vision of these white pants and a blousy top, belted at the waist with a brown belt...but I wanted to wear these (black) shoes, too.  (I'm all for breaking rules, but my southern roots tell me this may have been a bit...tacky.)
take his advice when getting dressed

I took his advice

I was struggling with this problem and was looking unhappily in the mirror when The Husband said, "You know, you don't always have to be trendy and different.  You could just wear that without a belt, and it looks pretty."

So, dear Husband, I'm wearing this outfit straight up, long in the pants, loose in the waist, and completely normal and pretty. :)

silky shirt and white pants

billowy shirt without a belt

his advice jewelry


  1. Dontcha just love husbands when they're right?

  2. I think you look pretty and trendy - great white pants!

  3. Your hubs is right - you do look pretty without it belted. You look effortless and breezy - perfect for spring.

  4. Such a sweet husband! And you do look great! The print on the top is really interesting.

    A plus,


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