Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Can Look In One of Two Places

If this dress was red, I'd never wear it to work.  It's a little clingy and a tiny bit short, but I feel like I can get away with it since it's black.  No one questions your professionalism in a black dress, right? 

I purposely didn't put on a belt, because I only wanted two pops of color today, strategically placed to pull your eye away from the hemline and towards my (1) neck and (2) feet. 

I've felt a little like a flight attendant today...except that I haven't gone anywhere cool except the local hot dog vendor at lunch (but I did order the Seattle Dog, so maybe that counts).  I'm also planning on making a trip to the library after work.  Yea, it's a pretty busy day over here.


  1. That dress rocks on you!! and it looks professional with the scarf for sure.. I love the pink contrast. This is an awesome outfit girlie.. and great photoshoot too!!! xoxo J

  2. I love the heals! The jewelry is so pretty! Whoever took these pictures did a really great job.

  3. You. Are Gorgeous.
    Seriously. Just thought you should know. Your legs! Oh my goodness so friggin amazing! and I love this outfit!

    -Heather from

  4. Well done with your two pops. I love the shape of the dress, too - totally work appropriate.

  5. Hi Brit, you are one hot fox! Pity your married tho! Keep bloggin!


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