Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh, I'm just sucking in to strengthen my abs, that's all

wearing tan and white

white jeans

model pose in white jeans
There is an obvious danger to wearing white pants and being as clumsy as me:  It's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to spill something on them.

I figured I'd up the odds today by joining my friends at a local barbeque joint.  Somehow, SOMEHOW, I managed to not only avoid the barbeque sauce in my chair, but also remembered NOT to wipe my barbeque flavored Lays on my jeans (not that I normally do something as childish and uncouth as's just that the napkins were so far away...)

In fact, the only issue I have with today's outfit is that these jeans sit awfully low on my waist, and I'm forced to suck in the barbeque-sandwich induced stomach I've given myself.  Thank goodness I didn't eat the peach cobbler!

white jeans and tan sweater

layered sweater with white jeans

cleverly titled style blog


  1. I. Love. This. Seriously, I think it might be one of my favorite outfits on you. I love the white and tan together and then the pops of red are just PERFECT! You look fantastic!

    And you should've had the peach cobbler. It's fruit. It's healthy. Right?

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. These pictures are fabulous !
    I like this simple combination and I know that you are saying that you are holding your breath just so we don't feel bad :)

  3. I love the khaki top with the white pants and red accessories. Such a chic combination - very classy. :)

  4. That red is amazing. I think its AWESOME with the white pants. Congrats on avoiding any colored mishaps at a BBQ!! WOW!! You are my hero. I do good to get away with a white button-up some days!!!


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