Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Vest (in me)

Cleverly Titled Style Blog

dress and vest

cleverly titled style dress and vest
I wanted to be comfortable today, so I put on the stretchiest dress I could find in my closet.

Then I decided it looked just a bit too comfortable, so I dressed it up a bit with vest.

But it looked a little manly, so I took off my lace-up oxfords and threw on plain black heels and a pink belt. 

Almost right, but still missing a pop of flower power and some diamond jewelry.

After all that, it seemed a little "safe" so I went and trespassed on some private and most likely electrical property. 

Do I know how to get crazy, or what?

brittany d'lynne dress and vest

brittany d'lynne wear shoe clips

cleverly titled style blog


  1. Hey Britt!!! great outfit. .and love your photos.. I havent been by for awhile. .have been taking some much needed time off!! you are looking awesome babe!! xox oJ

  2. I love vest, I never thought of trying it with a dress. I have to see what I can do with my vest.


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