Friday, January 15, 2010

Too Tired!

brown sweater: NY&Co., white and black camp shirt: NY&Co., jeans: Victoria's Secret, belt: NY&Co., brown shoes: Cato

Too tired to write much, sorry.  Anticipating getting some sleep tonight.  Rolling on 2 hours from last night, and about 15 hours from the entire week prior.  UGH.

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  1. Hello Brittany,

    Thanks for your kind comment! That's neat that we share the same skirt. I know it's a classic black skirt, but it is so versatile and I love the way that it hangs.

    I enjoyed leafing through your posts and especially admired your outfit with the beautiful black and white houndstooth skirt with the yellow top. So pretty and a very different color/print combination.

    (Hope you are able to get some rest!)


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