Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brr! It's Cold Out There!

blue sweater: Old Navy, blue button-up: Express, khaki wide-leg pants: Victoria's Secret, brown loafers: Cato

Today I had the cutest little outfit planned, but the problem was just that: It was little! The skirt and thin oxford I had picked out for today will have to wait until next week because it is COLD here! The high today is supposed to be 28, so it was definitely in the teens this morning. Surprisingly, the roads and skies are clear and it’s actually a nice Winter day outside.

This outfit consists of all of my most-shopped stores: the sweater from Old Navy (which really I don’t shop at that often, but seem to have clothes still in my closet leftover from high school…amazing!), the button-up from Express, the pants from Victoria’s Secret, socks from New York & Co., and shoes from Cato. If I just had those few stores, I’d be able to buy clothes for the rest of my life! I think that says something about me, and my goal this year should probably be to incorporate some new stores into my closet, but honestly, I love those stores and don’t want to stop shopping at them! Plus, as you know, I can’t be too picky about where my pants come from, because only a few places have a 36” inseam!

Tonight we’re having some people over for the Championship game. This is pretty much the only time of the year that I root for the Longhorns (which is a back-handed compliment, because in it, I acknowledge that they often go to the Championship game, or at least come close to it.) Good luck, Texas…!

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