Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dressing inappropriately for a friend's house :)

turquoise tank: Old Navy, white oxford: NY&Co., black skirt: Express

We're having dinner/drinks at a friend's house right now, and I realized that I needed to get a picture of my outfit tonight to post.  Generally my weekend outfits are pretty basic--jeans and whatever top I feel like wearing, but my husband promised me a "night out" tonight, so I dressed it up a little. 

We're about to head downtown (downtown Midland, that is) to try a new bar--The Mahogany.  I'll let you know the consensus.  Don't worry, we're taking a cab!

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  1. Very cute outfit. I love how the white separates the color of the top from the color of the skirt and, magically, makes them match even more that way. Smart arrangement of pieces.


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