Monday, January 25, 2010

Using the "REAL" Camera Today

Green top: Merona (Target), gray/brown skirt: TJ Maxx, beige tights: George (Walmart), black lace up oxfords: Predictions (Payless)

This morning I broke out the “real” camera, and already I can see the improvement in the quality of photos. I don’t have a tripod yet, so I’m still working on the balancing act of figuring out how to tilt the camera against my bookcase just so in order to capture my whole body in the photo. But I’m pretty happy with the pictures for the most part!

I always feel rather old-fashioned in this skirt, and I’m not sure if it’s the print or just the length and fullness of it. That being said, I don’t feel old-fashioned in a bad way. In fact, I today I chose to pair it with accessories to play up the image. The tights feel almost crocheted to me, and paired with the oxfords, it seems like an English farmhouse vibe.

Do you remember these Brighton bracelets/belts from the 90s? That’s right, I’m bringing them back single-handedly! I can recall lusting after these braided objects…Brighton was the height of couture in my small hometown upon my arrival into high school. I’m so glad I managed to hold on to one of these bracelets with which to reminisce.

Do you ever wear anything in tribute to *those* days?


  1. YAY! Yes, there is a picture improvement !! :o)
    I like the pattern mix here and the skirt, the only thing is I think it looks a little big ...

  2. The skirt is a little big, you're right. I also threaded the belt through the holes provided, but I think I would like it better cinched a little higher on my waist--about where the top of the skirt and the shirt hit. I think the silouhette would flow a little better.

    Thanks for noticing the new picture quality :)

  3. definitely looks a lot better! If you can find a gorillapod, those are great little tripods!

    I got a "water bottle" tripod from uncommon goods- but I mostly put my camera on my bookshelf at my office and set the timer!

  4. Your use of a better camera helps us see your outfits more clearly: it's a big plus.

    The tights are really nice: their texture adds sophistication.

    When someone as old as me wears a tribute to our youth (the '60s, not the '90s), it would be a Nehru jacket. :)

  5. Shy, excuse me, I think you mean the 80s! :P

    I used to have a shirt modeled after a Nehru jacket. Never really understood it while I had it, but I wish I could get it back...

  6. The pictures are great! I love your pretty polka dot blouse - I actually thought it was a Boden piece instead. Way to go, Target! I love the color as well as the awesome pattern mixing between the top, skirt, and patterned hose.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment - you made me blush!


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