Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Short Over Long

purple shirt: Express, white cardigan/shawl: willi smith (TJ Maxx), gray and white pin-striped pants: NY&Co., black mary janes: Payless

Today’s outfit isn’t very creative, but I like the classic lines of it. I needed to wear pants today because I’ve been putting off some filing which requires me to sprawl very ladylike on the floor, but its still pseudo-summer temperatures outside. These pants are very light weight and very comfortable, and this shirt is the kind I always tell my mom that you can wear and feel just as relaxed and comfy as a t-shirt does, but looks a lot dressier.

It hangs just a little low on my waist, which is a perfect concealer for the slight tummy I’ve acquired since the holidays (and since my unofficial ban on the gym, apparently). I topped it with a cropped cardigan shawl that buttons at the center.

Overall, it’s a relaxed look that is perfect for a day of filing on the floor. I did throw on some heels, however, though I was tempted to wear flats since the elevator is broken…that lack of gym going is evident about the time I reach the 5th floor…but I didn’t want the outfit to be too casual. I am wearing a ponytail, after all!


  1. I am wearing the exact same shoes today! LOL and I wore pants as well because I'm about to go do some work in my fileroom. Time to clean it all out! You are right, it certainly isn't very ladylike to be busting out in a dress while sprawled all over a fileroom! Great minds think alike!

  2. I love the color of that top, and your Payless Mary Janes are cute!

    That's interesting that you have recently transitioned to the oil and gas industry. My company is actually in the chemical industry, though I'm at corporate. Still, when visiting field sites, it's interesting to compare different dress codes depending on whether someone is working directly at a plant or in a sales environment - the requirements vary widely!

  3. Kari, the most interesting thing was our Christmas party--when there was a definite line between corporate and field. The bosses did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable, though.


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