Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Booties

gray ruffledy shirt: Cato, white pants: Victoria's Secret, gray booties: Cato, diamonds:  The Husband
(Look, no NY&Co!  Should have saved this for next week! :P)

Another non-exciting outfit, BUT I really wanted to wear this shirt. I bought it a few weeks ago, and still haven’t worn it. I thought at the time that it would look best under a cardigan, but it’s too warm today to wear one, and since it’s Thursday, I can get away with a little more casual look anyway.  And I amped it up a little with some diamonds, which by the way, when you move to a new town and are still trying to meet people, really can substitute for a best friend--at least temporarily.  (Which is in no way a disparaging remark towards The Best Friend, KML, just to be clear.)

(Close up of the shirt--cute!)

Also, I’m wearing my new booties! This is a trend I’ve struggled with accepting for almost a year now. I have been on the lookout for a pair without a ridiculously high heel on them, but was beginning to think that was an oxymoron—booties without a heel. I found these at Cato, and the best part (besides the fun patent gray color and semi-low heel) is that they were on sale for $14! I know that means they’re not real leather and will probably be scuffed and torn by this time next year, but I had come to the conclusion that I wasn’t willing to spend much more on this trend without “testing the waters” so to speak.  Plus, I hate the word "bootie".  I feel ridiculous saying it.

These BOOTIES (ugh) have also worked a miracle. I’m actually looking forward to cooler temperatures next week…because I can’t wait to wear these booties with a dress and some tights! Curse myself for saying it, but I can handle a few more weeks of winter weather…sigh.

(P.S.  This last pic is horrible.  I promise--there was no self-fulfilling prophecy yet--I did not go out and scuff my boots already!  Just one more example in a long line of evidence why I should get off my lazy bum and take REAL pictures, not iPhone shots.)


  1. Don't call your outfit non-exiting!
    I personally liked it and would have loved to see what color bag you wore .... something in yellow, orange -actually any bright color --- am i being too nosy ? :)

  2. Booties are adorable -- including yours -- but, as you note, the name isn't great... Can we call them ankle-boots?

  3. Hey, at least it's better than calling them "shooties"...

    The booties are adorable, and I love the gray ruffly shirt.

    That's awesome that your friend may be able to take advantage of Carissa's shirts! I've bought two of the "Carissa Shirt" style and have never found a woven shirt that fit me so well. Totally worth the price IMO.

  4. Cute ouftit!


  5. Ah, I need booties! I've been shopping around for two weeks now, still nothing!

    Love yours!


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