Monday, January 11, 2010

Oscar the Fish

Today is a special post in the sense that I do not look special today! My husband went out of town for a week yesterday, and I DO NOT sleep well when he is not home, at least not the first couple of nights. As such, I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, never picked anything out to wear, and threw on some jeans and a sweater of his today! Oh, the humiliation, now that I've had a cup of coffee and a REAL Coke and the caffeine is kicking in. So, I'm not posting an outfit on here today because everyone would shudder and cringe at the 80s-style jeans, the oversize sweater and the haphazard ponytail I threw up a few hours ago. Fashionista, I am not today.

However, I do have some pretty pictures to put up! I have a new member of my family, and this one is all mine. Meet Oscar, my betta! I set him up in his new home here at my office, and he is full of personality! He is always staring at (admiring) me (and I'm not even dressed cute today--he's going to be so impressed tomorrow!), and when I get up to talk to him, he will swim around his bowl to look at me. We've already had a few games of hide-and-seek. (Oscar always wins.) He in no way feels immasculated because he is pink and purple. That's just how he, swims.

This is Oscar.

This is Oscar battling a plant.

Oscar and the air bubble.

Oh hai, says Oscar the Fish!

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