Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying to Look Awake in yellow, black and white.

yellow oxford: George (Walmart), black and white houndstooth skirt: Cato, black boots: George (Walmart), black disco ball necklace: Express

Wow, this is a really inexpensive outfit. I think my necklace probably cost more than the rest of the pieces of my outfit, including my boots! Surprisingly, this oxford is a really nice material for being from Walmart. Its really stiff, and its perfect for popping the collar, which I've done!! :) Next I'll be shopping at Vineyard Vines, watchout!

I've decided that next time I wear this skirt, I'm going to try to mix it with a subtle print. I think I could pull it off as long as it was a bright color with a simple print since the houndstooth is so bold. I'll be on the lookout for that...even if its just a scarf or something...

Still tired! Working on about 9 hours of sleep for the past two days now. UGH! Come home, husband :)

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