Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm Winter Week (say it three more times)

green and blue shirt: "Plaid" (TJ Maxx), pleated denim skirt: Larry Levine (Ross), pink belt: I can never remember, black shoes: Dustee's / Lubbock

I realize it's not summer yet, really I do. I’m having serious warm weather withdrawals, and I think it's because I moved from Houston in October, when its still basically summertime there (I think the temperatures had dropped to the 90's) to Midland, where we have official seasons. That was quite a wakeup call to my system.

So now, in mid-January, I have this lovely warm front. The high today is 74. Being it's January, and I have experience with West Texas weather, I know this beautiful weather won’t last long, and before I know it, ice and snow and wind will be roaring their ugly, ugly heads again before finally giving way to Spring sometime in late March or April.
So I’m taking advantage of this warm weather and breaking out some you-probably-shouldn’t-be-wearing-that-in-the-dead-of-January clothing. Screw you, Winter.
I got a little picture happy this morning. Can you tell warm weather puts me in a happy mood? Also, this is a big day for me, because I’m not wearing ONE PIECE of clothing that is from New York and Company (or Express, for that matter).

Can you see the ruffledy-pleats on this skirt? They give it some character, but in all honesty, they assist in making my hips look 18 inches wider, too. Thanks, pleats.

A close up of my shirt, which was an odd purchase for me. I’m more of a solid kind of girl, and even my printed shirts are usually more conservative. Plus, the elastic bands on the sleeves kind of bother me. But, I thought it was cute and allowed me to step out of my little preppy box a little, so here ya go. Paired with a pink accessories, of course.

A mini product review for you. My mom uses Head & Shoulders shampoo because she has dry ears. I used H&S the first time at her house, and actually really liked it. I also have a tendency for dry ears (well, only my right one) so I decided to start using it, too. I recently purchased the pink Smooth & Silky H&S, and IT IS AMAZING. My hair is so soft and shiny. I left it straight on purpose (as opposed to being lazy or running late, as usual) to show off how pretty it looked. I even took a picture for you.

Pretty, ain’t it? AND, I haven’t had a haircut since the beginning of October. NOW you’re impressed, huh?


  1. I have issues with dry scalp (not actual dandruff) in the winter so use H&S sometime, but have never tried Smooth & Silky. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I absolutely love your top. The colors are beautiful and it's fun to see you in a print even if it feels like a departure from your norm.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really enjoy yours as well. :)


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