Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking Conservative in Knee High Socks

light blue oxford: Merona/Target, black lace shirt: Old Navy, black stretchy skirt: Old Navy, beige socks: Target, black mary janes: Payless

After seeing how cute Gingersnap looks in her knee high socks, how could I resist this trend? I’ve always liked the look, but was afraid it would make me look too “school girl” but she pulled it off so well, that I had to give it a try myself. And now of course, I’m watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (I just started Season 2!) and if she can fight vampires in socks and heels, I can write some letters and color some maps.

This aren’t quite knee-high on me, as you can see…I probably have to buy “over the knee” in order to achieve the desired knee-high length, but I think it works. I tried on several outfits last night centered around these socks and finally think I came up with one that was conservative enough to balance out the playfulness of the socks. I don’t think I’m ready for printed socks yet, at least not in a work environment, but I love the contrast of the neutral sock with the black mary janes.
I had a little fun with the camera this morning. I’m ready to start looking for an inexpensive tripod though. Trying to fit my body in a tiny camera lens is made even harder when I can’t adjust the camera angle easily!


  1. This outfit is too cute for words!

    The knee-high socks go great with those Mary Jane shoes. And I think it's a great look for you because the playfulness of the clothes echoes your natural youthfulness. Not everyone can pull this look off, but you certainly can.

  2. cute outfit.I love the socks with those shoes.I wear white socks with my shoes.I think some white socks would look really cute with those shoes on you

  3. This is so cute! You look like a doll with those socks and the shoes... I have still not gotten the guts to wear them paired... although I already bought the socks... i'm getting there.


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