Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog Resolutions

yellow v-neck shirt: Express, cream undershirt: New York & Co., red belt: New York & Co., houndstooth blazer: New York & Co. (I'm sensing a pattern), denim jeans: Express, red and black shoes: Target

I have three goals, or resolutions, if you will, for my blog this year.

1. I'm going to try to be more social on here. I don't have many followers, but I know that's because I don't go out and seek any. I hardly follow anyone on here either, which makes my exposure very limited. My Flickr account is hit often, so I'd like to gather a few more followers on my blog, as well.

2. I'm going to try to wear an outfit a week that doesn't have one piece of clothing from New York & Co. If this blog has taught me anything about my retail patterns, its that I shop at NY&Co. a lot. This may not seem like much of a challenge, but it will be, because the majority of my closet is NY&Co. I just love their pieces, I like their prices normally, and they have the BEST coupons imagineable to help me take advantage of it all! However, this goal should be a little easier to meet this year since the nearest NY&Co to me is TWO HOURS AWAY!! EEEkkkk!!

3. I'm tired of taking pics with my iPhone. They aren't very good quality and I realize that, but my computer at home is dying. I'm going to have to take over the hubby's laptop for my extracurricular blogging activities. Taking pictures with my camera at home requires me to wake up earlier, too, so that I have time to take the pictures and then upload them and at least email them to myself for editing later. This is a long-term, just by the end of the year goal that I plan on concentrating on over a period of time.

The high today is 30, but I didn't even bring a coat to work with me. This houndstooth blazer is quite warm, despite the 3/4 sleeves on it. The socks I'm wearing with these shoes are keeping my toes toasty, too. I love the ketchup and mustard combination of the yellow shirt and red belt, too, and that the black and white in the jacket help downplay the bright color combination and make it work friendly.

Red shoes to match! :)


  1. Hi B, thank you for following!
    I was just browsing your blog when I saw that what you wore today is also Mickey Mouse inspired ! (check out my outfit from yesterday) - how cool is that ?

  2. I saw your Mickey Mouse outfit, and you are totally right! We should restart the Club :P


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