Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gray and white today

Gray dress: Merona (Target), black vest: TJ Maxx, white tights: George (Walmart), black oxford shoes: Predictions (Payless), red snakeskin belt: New York & Co.

Congratulations to myself on 4 consecutive hours of sleep last night, and 6 hours total. I feel more like myself today, and I’m in a good mood thus far because of it. I’ve also had two cups of coffee, so I hope I don’t crash before lunch!

I really liked Londyn’s vest with a dress that she wore last week, so I paired mine with a gray dress today. I was digging through my tights box in my closet and found these white ones that I bought last year. They are the most comfortable pair of tights I’ve ever owned. I actually barely have to struggle to get them on. You’d think I’d wear them all the time, wouldn’t you? Maybe, now that I remember I own them!  What are your opinions on wearing white tights in the warmer months?  Are tights strictly winter wear?

P.S.  The point of this pose was not to point my boobs out as far as I could.  I'm not really sure WHAT the point of it was, but I was feeling skinny in this belt today, so maybe it had something to do with that...maybe...

I bought this belt on my trip to San Antonio at New York and Company with Ashley for $6!! LOVE IT!

And, a tribute to my old Alpha Sigma Alpha, a ladybug bracelet from college that I pulled out. I really need to get some more red jewelry, which I have been saying for approximately 3 years now.

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  1. I think the look is cute but I think some gray tights or even red ones would look a little more "winter" than the white ones.

    I think tights can move into the spring- as long as they are in the right colors.


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