Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you sure you're the same skirt?

brown bow skirt: Moda Int'l (Victoria Secret), white oxford: NY&Co., brown heels: White Stag (Walmart), brown headband: Cato

Glorious beautiful weather!  The temperature is currently 63 degrees and the high is 71 today.  Its supposed to be beautiful all week long!  I try not to complain these days about Fall, because I can break out some of my winter clothes at that time without freezing my butt off (I wish), but I get sick of winter in about one week.  I'm glad for a bit of reprieve from the coats and tights, but by the time the next cold front blows in, its just going to be that much harder to accept!  And I have no doubt another cold front will come in before the throws of winter are finished for this year.  I'll just enjoy my week of pretend-Spring for now!

This skirt is new, and I'm a little disappointed in it.  I've been admiring it for some time (okay, I've been stalking it for years) in the Victoria's Secret catalog, but have always wondered if it was worth springing for the $40 sale price (plus shipping).  Now that I have it in my hot little hands, I still can't answer that question.  I don't think $40 (er, $50) is too much to spend on a skirt, but this one in real life is not quite the same as it is in the catalog. 


A bit sad in comparison, wouldn't you say?

I considered sending it back, but I might try to do some magic with some double-sided tape when I wear it again.  I'll look like that VS model, yet...Bahahahaha.

Pretty gold vintage necklace from my Nana.

I know I look a bit demented here.  I'm still not sure why I didn't crop that terrible face out.  Oh well.  Don't make fun of my hair.  I'm on the lookout for someone here in Midland.  It takes a lot for me to trust someone new with my hair.

P.S.  I'm all caught up on my sleep and feel FABULOUS!  15 hours of sleep on Friday night helped A LOT.


  1. How strange that the skirt would look so different in person! I still think it's cute on you, though. I love that it's brown, too, which makes it different than the average pencil skirt.

    Cute vintage necklace from your Nana! She has good taste.

  2. LOL - I almost bought that skirt!

  3. LOVE that outfit! just stumbled across your blog. you have some REALLY cute clothes! ever tried one of those oxfords buttoned all the way to the top? I think it adds a littls class to a shirt sometime.


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