Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Take a Bow in Bows!

coral bow shirt: New York & Co., black 3/4 sleeve shirt: ?, black and brown striped skirt: Old Navy, black bow tights: New York & Co., black and gold-buckle wedges: Merona/Target

I feel like total, complete crap again today! Luckily, I picked this outfit out last night before I started feeling so bad, or else you know I'd have just tossed on some jeans and a comfortable shirt. I bought these tights this weekend with Ashley, and even if they wouldn't have been on sale for $9, I would have paid almost any price imaginable for them! I'm addicted to bows right now, most likely because of GingerSnap's influence, and these bows are to-die-for! Unfortunately, as with most tights on me, they are a little too short and thus stretched the maximum uncomfortable limit to fit on my long legs. Damn this height!

Emerald is in the background of this picture, and surprisingly didn't make fun of me when I told her about this fashion blog :) Not that I would have cared too much, but still...I need to convince more of my friends to get on blogger!


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