Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wearing White in Winter

gray psychedelic-patterned oxford: New York & Co., white jeans: Victoria's Secret, black "cowgirl" belt: Walmart, black boots: Justin

I have a style-inspiration book that I flip open at least once a day. In it, I tape anything that inspires me--from the most simple oxford and pencil skirt combination to something wacky and crazy and colorful that I know I'd never wear...but feel like I can downplay just enough to pull off. There are a lot of makeup looks in there, too--mostly eye makeup since that's really the only thing I play with everyday. I also have inspiration style quotes--many from Audrey Hepburn and CoCo Chanel, but basically anything that I can read and immediately want to feel more elegant, put together, or sexier.

In addition, I also sometimes write down "outfit ideas", but they usually aren't as effective. I did this a lot when I was addicted to Gossip Girl--I'd try to copy down what Blair was wearing to some effect that I thought I could get away with. Unfortunately, if its not visual, I'm not as good at recreating it...or even attempting to.

Anyway, the point is, I was flipping through some earlier entries in my book, and I read:

"Consider buying white jeans. Just consider it!!"

Funny to me now, because I have these white jeans, and I love them! I like that I can wear them during every season. They look great in the summer with a denim halter, and they look good in the winter with a fluffy sweater. Yea for white jeans!!

Disco ball necklace from Express!

"Cowgirl" belt from Walmart -- only $5!

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