Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Letter to Myself

I feel terrible today - in the womanly sense - so my comfy Gap jeans were calling me from my closet.  I've been quite thankful for them today, as well as my blousy cami and soft cardigan.  My outfit today features this super cute new necklace which I picked up for $5 DOLLARS!  The envelope opens and closes, and there is a real letter dangling from it!  I debated whether it was odd that I was buying myself a necklace that said "I Love You", but I managed to come up with some mangled justification to my friends: something like If you don't love yourself, can you really love anybody?  They nodded their heads and reminded me of the best argument of all:  IT'S FIVE DOLLARS, BRITTANY!

And now, I'm in the mood for some whimsy around my neck.  Want some of your own?  Check these out:

How adorable is this thing hanging from a chain?  So simple and creative!
(Jules' Jewelry)

Jeep Collins hails from my area of Texas, and was making cute little owls cool long before Forever 21 was stocking them on their shelves!
(Jeep Collins)

Well, I DO like baking.  What better way to tell people you're the next Martha Stewart than to toss a charm around your neck?  Even if you burn your cupcakes and souffle falls flat, no one is going to dare tell the gal wearing this necklace that she can't bake!
(FreshyFig's Etsy Shop)

What great advice, and in such a cute little package!
(Nina Gibson's Designs Etsy Store)

And this one I just love because of the IMPERFECTION of it!  Its customizable and so minimal and comes in Silver, Gold or Copper.  You might see this one on me soon!
(Amy Cornwell)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now On Blog Lovin!!

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And yea, I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out!! :)

All Dressed Up in Red & Black

I guess I'm feeling my football team today, because I certainly dressed the part of "Business Woman meets Red Raider Fan".

Incidently, I'm FREEZING at work today.  Evidently the Fall weather around here is just giving people a made-up license to turn DOWN the A.C.  Cue Cheerleading Co-Eds:  Brrr, it's cold in here!

I bought this bib necklace yesterday at the $5 Jewelry Hospital Fundraiser Sale.  Today I wanted to wear it more as a necklace, but next time I'm going to try it as more of an adornment to a shirt.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

High Waisted Tuesday

Today at lunch I ran to a jewelry fundraiser for the hospital - every piece was $5!  I didn't exactly clean up, since some friends picked me up last minute and naturally I had limited funds in cash.  I really need to start carrying that checkbook around.

So expect the debut of a couple of new pieces this week.

I'm feeling quite 70s today.  What do you think of the length of this skirt?  I really like the modest length of it since it is so form fitted.  Unfortunately, I think on most people it would hit about mid-calf, which might be a bit conservative, but on my looong legs, it actually hits exactly where I would want it to!  To top it all off, I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $16!! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Remembered (which is also a very nice store in the mall)

Ugh!  This morning I remembered:

1.  The milk for my coffee (which I pour into a used water bottle every week...I like to think of it as my little way to attempt to recycle, and not my way of being too forgetful to buy a separate tiny bottle of milk at the grocery store...or remembering to bring home the plastic (Eek, not EPA friendly, either) bottle I bought specifically for that purpose months ago--you know, the one sitting in my desk drawer next to my purse so that I don't forget it).

2.  My lunch (all packed up from last night's grilling adventure--a slider, sweet potato fries, lima beans, and strawberry shortcake for dessert).

3.  My cereal (yum, I love you Kashi!)
4.  My camera.

Things I did not remember:

1.  My camera CORD so that I can take lovely photos for you and actually put them on my computer for sharing.  So you get the Iphone photos, which are as bad as usual.  Sorry.  I'll make it up to cameras for all!  Just kidding.  I don't have that kind of dough.  If I did, I'd buy a computer that had a slot for a memory card so that I could transfer pictures like most of you probably already do!

Oh well!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Feeling a Little Fall-Y

Today I broke out a short sleeve sweater in honor of Fall.  Its still very warm outside here, but its been overcast all week...

Ok, literally as I typed that sentence the sun came out and shined (shone? er...) into my office.  Always contradicting me, aren't cha?

Anyway, the girls and I went to lunch today at a local deli, and I had tomato basil soup.  It was wonderful and if I rubbed the edge of my sweater and looked outside at the cloudy skies, I could just feel the Autumn temperatures outside, even if in actuality its in the mid-80s.

I can't wait for Fall dressing!  I enjoy summer clothes for about 30 days until I realize that no one looks classy showing that much skin.  Everywhere I look in town, there are high school and college girls (and some much older) wearing as LITTLE as they can possibly get away with while not being arrested for indecent exposure, and then I yearn for the much-more-covered-up days that October weather brings.  Like a cool cover of decency, Mother Nature forces us to wrap up and concentrate on staying warm through our attire, and not rely on a scrap of fabric to get us through our day like summer allows. 

Just be prepared though, because as much as I love Fall, and seem to be dissing on poor Summer (Really Summer, you are still my favorite season.  You shouldn't even be listening to this conversation.  Go play at the beach, have a cosmo, get a massage...), I despise their brother Winter the very most.  Snow is only pretty if I can admire it from my bedroom, snuggled up in blankets and thanking my boss and God for the snow day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Donuts and Important Questions

I will make time for lunch today, I will make time for lunch today.

I wish that I could think "If I DON'T eat lunch today, I'll just save some calories!"

But I won't...because there are two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts sitting in the breakroom that I will DEVOUR if given the chance and half (or 1/4) an excuse.

Perhaps I should skip lunch after all...Mmmm, donuts.

Speaking of donuts, do you spell them:


Because I can't stand the stores that spell them DOUGH-nut.
Where's the "nut" part come from anyway?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All the World is Green

Sometimes the best outfits are those that you don't have to think about too much (then again, some of the even better outfits are those in Vogue magazine that have been thought about for MONTHS AND MONTHS, so don't listen to me).  Actually, you should...look how credible I look!  I've got a BIRD around my neck!

This is one of those (opposite Vogue) outfits...What goes best with a green printed skirt?  Why a fitted button-up green shirt on top.  Throw on a simple black belt and some cute black flats and DONE. 

But let's not forget the black accessories (which I realize do not show up too well on the pattern of this skirt...bad idea, okay, I admit.)

I'm going to end this post now, because as I'm typing, I'm eating Stacy's Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips (which make my breath QUITE minty-fresh) and getting crumbs all in my keyboard.  And they are way too good to waste on a keyboard.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink & Plaid (and lots of pics today!)

Guess who has been put in charge of planning her company's Holiday Party?  This girl:

Today I tried out a venue for lunch.  It is outside in the gardens, but they have an inside section for parties.  I think we have decided to go elsewhere (WHERE?!) for the party, but it was kind of neat place for lunch.  Since its temperature controlled to protect the plants, the "patio" area is lovely, and the food is nice and girly.  They don't sell alcohol though, which is unfortunate, because it would be a great place to meet the girls and chat over Spinach and Strawberry Salad and a glass of pinot.

This evening I have a meeting at the Air Force Museum at the airport at 6, which basically means I'll be running straight from work out there (its at least 20 minutes away).  I went to a gala there last year, so luckily I know where I'm going (unusual in this town). 

Anyway, I needed to dress the part for both of these events...thus, the "I'm both in charge and stylish" business wear today.  And I got to tell you, I've felt great.  I even got a lot of my "real" work done today, too!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I feel like I should TWIRL!

I LOVE this skirt!  This weekend before we left for Lubbock, The Husband and I went to a nearby mall and stopped at Burlington Coat Factory.  He loves the store for men's clothes; I sometimes find a few things in the Women's Department.  This time, however, I CLEANED up!  This skirt was $12.99.  It has so much to offer!  Not only does it fit perfectly and flair in all the right places, it has pockets!  You can't tell how high-waisted it is since I went a little more casual by tying this oxford at the waist, but next time I will definitely tuck something into it since the ultra high-waist is part of the fun!  I thought the white oxford tucked in with the black skirt was a little too dinner party for me today.

You know I can't wear black and white without some fun pop of color, and since I just accented it with hot pink last week, I decided to go with some red.  I'm on the lookout for some kitten heeled decently priced red pumps, too.  I found some this weekend for a good price, but they weren't very comfortable!  I refuse to sacrifice comfort for cost in this case, because I know I'm going to wear them a lot!

A bonus photo:

My friend, Tanya, her daughter, Theia, and me at the football game this weekend.
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