Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Casual Cardigan day

Leather jacket: Gap (a million years ago), gray cardigan: New York & Co., pink silky print shirt: New York & Co., white pants: London Jean/Victoria's Secret, black mary janes: Lower East Side/Payless, black necklace: Express

These pictures are terrible, I know! Damn self-portraits on the iphone!!

Because this office is so casual, I don't feel guilty at all for wearing these pants. They are a cross between a pair of chinos and white denim jeans--the material is a little dressier, but the fit and design is definitely more casual.

Its a little warmer here than yesterday, but still cold. The main difference is that it isn't rainy and as windy, so it doesn't feel as bone-chilling! This cardigan is pretty much perfect for me to get through the day. There is a girl here at work who is always dressed cute, and she has inspired me to wear socks with my mary janes. I might never have considered it without seeing her do it first, but it just looks so cute!!

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