Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Pitiful Excuse

coal green pants: Victoria's Secret, purple sweater: Gap, black loafers: Etienne Aigner, purple socks: ?

I feel like I've been half-assing this blog lately, for which I apologize. Hopefully after the New Year, I'll be feeling like my old self again. I've had so many issues lately--last week I visited three different ERs. I found out a while ago that I was pregnant, but then I miscarried at 10 weeks. The miscarriage brought its own set of complications, but I went to the doctor this morning, and they believe they can give me a clean bill of health...at least once my blood tests come back positive.

Tommy and I are resting assured that the timing wasn't right, and we've decided to wait a while before we start trying to get pregnant. I can spoil with Kimberly's baby in the meantime...although I haven't been too good at spoiling her lately...I expect 2010 to be a better year that involves time for those I love and like.

None of that had much to do with my outfit, so here's my post for today. This sweater is one of the few things I own from the Gap, though I can't honestly say why that is. I've mentioned on here before that I feel like Banana Republic is just a more expensive version of the Gap...but that's not entirely true. BR is also tailored towards more adult pieces--I would say more towards a working crowd than Gap is. Gap by definition should be the greatest store on earth to me, since its a place for young, preppy twenty-year olds. Usually when I go in there, however, I just leave disappointed. This sweater caught my fancy, though, because its quite cuddly. And my fixation with VS pants is easy. They come in 36" inseams!

I know this picture is blurry, but these are the warmest wool socks! And they go perfectly with my outfit!!

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