Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wearing clothes that don't fit properly makes me uncomfortable. --Confucious

Pink sweater: Ralph Lauren Sport, green button-up: Express, black tab-buckle pants: Victoria's Secret, pink and black heels: Liz Claiborne

I'm not very happy with my outfit today. I know that it looks okay, but everything about it just feels off. These pants don't really fit correctly--they're almost too short, and they're baggy in the butt a little (especially by about 3:00) but I'm glad I haven't gotten rid of them yet, because I'm having some weight issues and they're the only pair of black pants I can comfortably fit into right now. Rest assured, there is a medical reason for this weight issue, and I hope it all goes back to normal in the new year...Ugh.

I've never been a huge fan of this sweater either, but it wasn't cheap, and I feel like I need to get some use out of it. It is also too short for my torso, and so I tried to remedy this by putting a button-up underneath it to balance my body out. I think it helped for the most part, but overall, the outfit is just a little blah for me.

My shoes help, though. I still haven't managed to wear these in a creative way (I always match them) but this time I threw in some green, so at least I branched out a little bit!

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