Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jeans when I wanna!

Skinny jeans: Express, Fuschia sweater vest: Express, Silk bow shirt: Merona/Target, amazing yellow belt: Nine West/Ross, navy socks: Cato, brown shoes: Cato

Today is a little chillier than yesterday, so I had to readjust the outfit I picked out last night. I was originally going to roll these pants up a little and pair them with gray flats, but it was a little too cold for bare ankles. I was going to be brave and wear these socks with the gray flats and still roll up my jeans, but I was just too undecided to do it this morning. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try something like that on a "casual" Friday.

Did anyone watch the Sing-Off show last night? It was mildly entertaining, but this is coming from a huge American Idol fan who was slightly annoyed with their jumping off of Fox's show to advertise their own, plus the repeatitive announcement that THEY ARE NOT USING INSTRUMENTS! Anyway, there was a group of BYU students called Noteworthy on there last night, and I though their outfits were absolutely ADORABLE! I nearly wore something similar in honor of them, but decided to wait. And now that I think about it, the colors aren't the same, but I guess I am wearing something comparible...

DAMN BOWS. One day I will learn how to tie a bow on myself that looks correct.

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