Thursday, December 3, 2009

Argyles and Stripes Probably Don't Count as Pattern Mixing, but its cute!

Jeans: London Jean/Victoria's Secret, Argyle sweater: New York & Co., Striped bow shirt: Old Navy, black boots: George/Walmart, Black tab belt: New York & Co.

I felt like wearing jeans today (its still cold) and what freedom to be able to do that here at this job! I don't think anyone would say anything if I wore a t-shirt and jeans to work everyday (but you know better than that).

I usually don't like this sweater very much because its a little large, but I love it with this shirt underneath it! I debated on whether I should untuck the bow's tails out of the collar, but decided that I had never worn this striped shirt with the bow tails tucked in, and I liked it with this shirt that way. I went through an argyle phase about a year ago and now have about 4 sweaters to show for it! (That's why they're all the same season--sweaters!)

Tall black boots are keeping my toes toasty today, too! From what I'm hearing on the weather, snow is likely tomorrow, so it will probably be boot weather again!

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