Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

black cowl neck stretchy shirt: New York & Co., pink jersey tank top: Old Navy, gray pin-striped skirt: Merona/Target, purple tights: Banana Republic, black oxford heels: Predictions/Payless, black coat: Via Spiga

I am glad it waited to get REALLY cold until I was getting out of the aforementioned fashion slump. The thought of putting on tights was a bit daunting this morning, but now that they're on, I feel so cute and warm! Let me explain: when you are six feet tall, and the majority of that height is leg, tights and panty hose are not very comfortable. I just realized about 6 months ago that not everyone had this problem. When I put on tights, I have to streeeetch them up to my thighs, and then start over again at the foot and stretch each part of the tight until it is at its maximum limit in order for each leg to reach all the way to my waist. If the tight gets twisted slightly, it is quite uncomfortable. I don't know what made me realize that people withOUT a 36" inseam probably didn't have this problem, but I do envy them for their tight-wearing comfort. These are from Banana Republic and more comfortable than most. Walmart also sells a brand that is sometimes long enough (and sometimes not). I'm on the search for extra-long tights! By the way, the tights I'm wearing today are shiny purple, not black. Its hard to tell in the picture. Maybe this close up is better:

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