Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back at work...sigh

This post will be a little different today...

I was extremely busy at work on Friday, so I never had time to post my outfit for the day up. It wasn't that entertaining, but I wanted to make sure I got it up eventually, because I felt like a total frump last time I wore this shirt, and this time, I didn't feel as bad. I nearly got rid of the shirt after the last time, but I'm glad I didn't because it looked okay this time paired with jeans.

jeans: Express, shirt: New York & Co., shoes: Walmart, belt: New York & Co.

Saturday, we attended my company Christmas party in Ruidoso, NM. It was wonderful! Here's the view from our room:

Inn of the Mountain Gods, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

I did manage to snap one picture of my outfit, even though its not very clear.

Dress: some shop in Waco, pink shrug: New York & Co., black heels: Chinese Laundry, black flower: Cato, pearls: vintage (from G-Gma)

I'm not posting my outfit today. I've been on a little bit of hiatus this week because I've been to the ER three times since Sunday. On the way back from Ruidoso, I had some complications with an issue I've been having anyway, and had to stop at an ER in the middle of nowhere--Lovington, NM. They eventually sent me to the Hobbs ER for surgery...who sent me home to Midland. I came to work on Monday for a little bit, and then ended up at the Midland ER Monday afternoon. I was finally released yesterday around 4:00, and I'm back at work today, with the hope that I can make it through the day and then relax some over the holidays. Needless to say, I'm basically wearing scrubs--jeans and a black sweatshirt, and I'm too pale to put my face online today.

Maybe I'll gather some energy later. Maybe I'll go into details later. Maybe not...


  1. You are very photogenic (if that's how you spell it??) :-)


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