Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve / Back at Work

black cowl neck shirt: New York & Co., gold tweed skirt: gift from Mom & Dad (New York & Co.), black and gold lace heels: Fioni (Payless), black and gold printed camisole: New York & Co.

Man, I feel like crap today. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and felt like I was dying. I slept as late as possibly could since I probably OD'd on Nyquil last night, and then got up and dressed in a hurry. As I say, the secret to convincing yourself to get up and go to work is to get up and get dressed, so I tried to wear something dressy and cute. This skirt is from Mom & Dad, who stumbled upon a NY&Co. store closing in Austin, so I have a matching blazer, too. Love it! I initially had this shirt tucked into the skirt, but it pretty much cut me in half at the waist, so I didn't like it. Untucked it is! I wish this shirt wasn't quite so long so the lace from the cami could poke out a little.

Turquoise shirt: New York & Co., denim skinny jeans: Express, gold belt: vintage (g-gma's), cognac boots: X-Appeal (Rack Room Shoes)

This is what I wore Christmas Eve. My family has a big Christmas Eve party at my parents' house, and its a pretty casual event. Since I was still feeling a little down from being in the hospital all last week and was taking chances just by traveling four hours to see everyone, I tried to look cute but most importantly...comfy.

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