Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silly with Cold

How's your neck of the woods?  It's cold here.

But, alas, I was able to make it to work today (on time too) so apparently no apocalyptic blizzard came in last night.  It is, however, currently 18 degrees outside, which is just too damn cold for Texas.

As I have no one to blame this on, I'll just have to take it out on the weatherman, who said it will be even colder tomorrow.  You better watch your back, mister.

Speaking of sassy (just go with it), look at this pretty little number that arrived yesterday:

Received this from Keira at A Pretty Penny (check out her To-Dos on remixing this fantastic clutch here).  I love pretty stuff, especially when its free.  And deserved.  I like to pretend the stories I make up in my head about being a superhero (heroine) are true, and that's why Keira sent it to me.  You all should just go with that too.

This clutch is going to look so awesome with my cape.


  1. It's always best to coordinate ones's cape with one's clutch. Very important.

    You look super cute. That pink is a great color on you!

    May I suggest that you come to Florida? Currently it is about 75 here and tomorrow's high is 82. Yep.

  2. What a cute clutch!! Sorry to hear about the 18 degrees. We're in an ice storm but at least it's 30, which actually makes a big difference!! :) Yeah, Target seems to really be stepping up their shoes in the last year or so. I LOVE them!

  3. I'm pretty sure it was karmic that you won this clutch. I wish I could've packed up some FL warmth with it for you! Maybe next time.


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