Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Androgynous Me

I'm embracing menswear so much today that I nearly pulled my fedora out of the closet (under 4 pairs of pants and in a box of hats that I forget about until the change of seasons...wait, I have 12 baseball caps?!) but then I remembered that it's not actually Summer, even though the contrast between last week and this week makes me feel as though it is.

Special mention to the fabulous Academichic for their brilliant ideas on how to remix your jewelry.  I took a page directly from their book and attached some earrings to a chain...and voila! a brand new necklace!!


  1. You are ROCKING the neutrals in this outfit! I must have missed that post about the necklace and earrings - genius!!! I love it! I was going to say that I love your necklace when I first saw the picture and now I know what you did! I wanna try that...

  2. Oh heck yes, I never would've guessed those are earrings! And ya know what I LOVE to do a little menswear in my outfits. Always classic.

  3. Love the colors.....you can never go wring with a vest! You look great:)

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