Friday, February 11, 2011

Hair Affair (I get excited when words rhyme!)

I called my hairdresser yesterday.  I need an appointment.  Stat.

"He can get you in at 2:30 next Friday," said the friendly receptionist who holds the key to my bad hair day solutions.

"No, I need something after 5:00."

"Oh!  There's a cancellation the Monday after that.  Can you come in at 11?"

I try to remember to smile, since I read that when you smile on the phone, it translates into your voice.

"Does he have anything after 5:00?" I ask.

"Hmm.  No, he doesn't."

"Never??" I ask.

A happy "aha" again: "Well, he has a 7:00 in the morning two Fridays from now."

I open my mouth to explain that I need something after 5:00...and then realize...

"Hey, I can actually do that."

I don't gots to be at work til 8, ladies and gentlemen.  Time for a lil trim trim before work.  Two and a half weeks from now.

P.S.  Do you have your RED on today?


  1. I like that nautical looking cardigan (you know me and my cardi's) and that thin little red belt....I need something like that.

  2. Ooh, are we supposed to wear read every Friday this month? I did last Friday. Today I forgot... oops, but I am putting on red later this evening. :)

  3. You are so patient to wait 2 weeks for a trim! I would just find someone new!! I love that cardi, and it's perfect with the red!

  4. Indeed, I AM wearing red today. But I like yours better with the cute tie and striped cardi... :)

  5. Oo I love the nautical look today! Very classic and pretty :)

  6. Your eyes look amazing today!

    I adore the blue and red and the tie-neck in the top! You look fantastic!

    And yes, I did wear red today!

    At least you have someone to do your hair...I haven't had my hair done in almost a year because I don't know who to go to!

  7. I've always love red and blue combo, and you've nailed them here! Thanks for dropping my site!

  8. red is great on you!! and yeah, I know what you mean about hairdressers!! My hair is all fine and then it seems like one day, BAM its really big and bad and time for a cut immediately.. so of course I phone in and want an appt like yesterday!! LOL You have great hair anyway so you are lucky!!!

  9. I love your stripped cardi :)

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