Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who said what? Combining Black, Blue and Gray

Who says you can't go crazy with neutrals?  I felt so devilish last night picking out this outfit: I'll leave my black tights on and put on a navy skirt!  But wait!  I'm not done...what about gray booties too!

Of course, I had to go all matchy and put on a gray shirt too, but this is really working the neutrals for me.  My friends and I have gotten a little ridiculous with the "that's what she said jokes" at which I am the WORST at, so I've taken to just shouting the phrase after some random sentence.  Working the neutrals?  That's what she said!"  (And the best part...that really IS what she said.  She being I, of course.)

Did I lose you there?  I admit, I'm a little loopy right now.

And yes, I said that.

Classic Blazer </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear


  1. Loopy is happy. :)

    I love the mixed neutrals on you! So very classy.

  2. Oh no, not "that's what she said!" I had a good buddy that would not quit that - thankfully he moved away, haha!

  3. Brittany your comments cracked me the eff up. Thanks for the smiles :) YES, go crazy with neutrals!! That is my new goal now for neutralwear! These black/greys are beautifully sleek.


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