Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's 12:00 and it's 9 degrees outside.  That may not be very cold to some of you Northerners, but I live in Texas and I signed up for Texas weather.  Which means it should NOT be below freezing during daylight hours.

Our heater is apparently ancient in our house.  After the temperature hits below freezing, the regular heater cuts off and "emergency heat" is supposed to click on.  Our Emergency Heat is broken.  Some concept - oh, you'll get heat until you really need it, and then I'll just blow COLD air on you.  The husband had to get up and build a fire this morning (I Am Man), which was a good thing, since our power went out shortly after I got up and I needed the extra light.

Thus, you get this girl.

I was all about the layers today, in three different outfits for you.  P.S.  I was wondering why in the world this hat was poking up so much which it normally slumps over in the cutest act of laziness since my dog Duke.  When I finally took it off this morning, I saw that a glove was wedged into the very top of it.  Cute.  Very cute.  Take advantage of a girl in the dark, why dontcha?


  1. A glove! Bahaha! That's really pretty amusing.

    You look so cozy in all of your layers! Although I'm not sure it's possible to stay cozy when it's so stinkin' cold out. I'm sorry about your heat! That's horrible! I'd be having panic attacks, but then I live in Florida so that cold is incomprehensible to me. Can't even fathom.

    That was a long comment. You look really adorable. That's all. :)

  2. That's some impressive layering, stay warm and love the pop of teal with your winter ensemble!

  3. UGH! No heat is the WORST!!! And 9 degrees is DEF cold, even in the North so I feel for ya! I wouldn't be surprised if you're wearing that coat in the house! :)

  4. I'm so over cold weather, but I love your teal gloves!!!


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