Monday, February 7, 2011

One Optimistic Gal

What a great day to start Melissa and Hope's challenge of optimism and positive thinking.  I'm feeling extra confident today! :P

1.  I love love love being tall.  There are sometimes some shoe issues, and every once in a while, I feel like the tallest person...much less a party, but in almost every occasion, I love standing out.  I wear my height like a badge of honor, and it just cracks me up when people ask me if its been difficult being so tall all my life.  That being said, I do respond in smart alleck ways to questions like "How's the weather up there?" (same as way down there, I'm sure.  Actually, maybe a little cleaner up here.)

2.  I'm a pretty social person and I like that.  My husband is a tad bit anti-social, and he likes that.  We go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.

3.  I'm really glad I stay pretty thin naturally.  I do like to work out, but I fall off that bandwagon A LOT, so I'm lucky its not required for me to stay in my jeans.  I'm also a pretty unhealthy snacker, though that has improved tremendously in the years since college.  So, for all of that, I'm so glad that the second I feel my jeans feeling a bit snug, I can hit the gym regularly for about three weeks and be pretty slim again.  Thanks, Metabolism!

Lot's of pictures today!  Again with the layers because it was chilly this morning, and an extra shot of me out this weekend.  I remembered to bring my camera but naturally forgot to take pictures, but I did get this one.  Oh, Target boots, I love you!

A confession.  My socks don't match.  Shhhh!

I promise I know how to smile.  I was saying something, I swear!! :P


  1. Your socks don't have to "match", but they do "go"! That's some great pattern mixing! :)

    I love that bright scarf, it's so great on you and that dress is amazing.

    I love that one of your positive things is being tall and one of mine is being short. It makes me giggle.

  2. ..." I stay pretty thin naturally."....I'm so JEALOUS ; ) and I never match my socks when I'm wearing boots either. I love the pop of color with the aqua scarf!

  3. Yea Brittany! I love the bright scarf and your plaid coat! I love your positives even though one makes me immensely jealous (naturally thin, soooo lucky!). :)

  4. YOu are soo lucky you are naturally thin! If I don't teach at the gym, I don't think I'll ever go! But I'm afraid of not fitting in my clothes!

    Love that sweater dress Brit!


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