Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sparkly Smile

This morning when I woke up, I had no idea that today at 3:15 I'd be sitting in a dentist's chair.

It's a good thing I didn't know that, or I wouldn't have gotten any sleep last night.

The worst part about chipping your tooth at lunch (on stew!  How does that happen!!) is knowing that it just felt a little funny for the past few weeks, but ignoring it instead of being proactive and making a dentist appointment before something happened.

And the absolutely worst thing about going to an impromptu emergency dental appointment in the middle of the day...finding out its not a true emergency and having to reschedule for two weeks from today.  But at least I got a free teeth cleaning!


  1. BLECH! Sorry to hear about your dental issues, I've had a lot of those myself so I feel your pain! Ok, all 3 last outfits have been adorable. I love how you mix up TYPES of outfits so they all look so different. In response to the zebra skirt, it IS from Target. I got it in August ('10) and it fit PERFECTLY. I washed it once (it said I could, but what a mistake) and now I think it's a bit short myself. DARN!

  2. Oh and btw, sorry about the 3-day's! My husband has off Monday too and I am SO pumped about alone time tomorrow! :) I totally hear ya on that!

  3. First, you look adorable in the cropped pants with the pink belt! Adorable!

    Second - ugh dentists! I'm terrified of them and haven't been to one in years. Finally made an appointment for two weeks from now only for them to call today and tell me they don't take my insurance, so I have to wait until next year when I can change my insurance to the one they do accept. ACK!

  4. I'm sorry but your dentist story is hilarious. I'm laughing with you (hopefully).

    LOVE this casual, pulled-together look. But super jealous of that little bit of bare skin, brr!

  5. Gorgeous chic outfit! Loving the accessories especially :) you have great style!


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